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April 18 2013NBA Playoffs: East PreviewCommentsWelcome to what promises to be a wild playoff scene in the East loaded with epic teams. There will be suspense from the very first round because everyone knows the favorite to win the conference is a total toss-up.Yeah. You laughed at that too?In the East it's Miami followed in the distance by … um … well … er … your guess is as good as mine. At least that's how it appears anyway as the playoffs are about to start for a conference dominated all season by one team while the others kissed the ring.Indiana Brooklyn New York -- they all teased every now and then about being a worthy challenger to Miami and they all tripped at some point. Miami won the East by a walloping 12 games and also escaped the 82-game grind without major injury. It's all set up for Miami to defend its conference title at the very least."We're built to win a championship" said Dwyane Wade. "If we don't win a championship we won't talk much about what we did in the regular season."But they must go through someone to get to June and that's where it gets interesting. Do you believe in the Knicks and the way things have come together so quickly for Mike Woodson's team? How about the Pacers who flip-flopped with the Knicks most of the season for second place in the East? And let's throw out some wild cards as well: Brooklyn with a rejuvenated Deron Williams? The Bulls if Derrick Rose tells Tom Thibodeau: Put me in coach I'm ready to play today?The clues will begin to drop in the first round which we examine here:No. 1 Heat (66-16) vs. No. 8 Bucks (38-44)If Miami gets beat by the only team with a losing record in the playoffs where exactly would that rank? Above Villanova over Georgetown? Douglas over Tyson? Chaminade over Ralph Sampson? "Dances With Wolves" over "Goodfellas" (for Best Picture)? Maybe we should clarify. We don't mean the Heat losing the series -- we mean the Heat losing a game. Yes if the Heat don't sweep it would come as somewhat surprising no? That's no disrespect to the Bucks who beat Miami in December and lost in OT to them weeks before. It's just the Heat right now are in such a groove and LeBron James is in such a zone that it's hard to imagine Miami stumbling this early in the playoffs even the slightest.About Milwaukee: The Bucks who haven't won a playoff round in 11 years are the final playoff team in a weak conference. They're bringing Monta Ellis and Brandon Jennings a pair of short point guards who shoot a lot but not very well (40 percent). Larry Sanders their young and developing big man can't shoot a lick either but rebounds and block shots with the best in the NBA. J.J. Redick will normally hit the open jumper but doesn't scare many teams because he's more of a backup singer not a lead guy. All told the Bucks are dangerous when Ellis and Jennings are using their quickness to disrupt and cause hell; as a team they're just too unpredictable and not deep enough to inspire much confidence against Miami.About Miami: LeBron is ready to resume the monster playoff pace he set last spring and summer when he basically ran the table on the NBA winning a championship and grabbing the Finals MVP. Assuming Chris Bosh stays healthy after his untimely abdominal pull last year and Wade doesn't reach for a body part the core remains solid. This team went 37-4 at home and beat every team in the league at least once. Other than rebounding Miami showed no serious weakness all season. After their 27-game winning streak ended the Heat used the last three weeks as a second training camp giving the Big Three a breather while amping up the supporting cast. Mike Miller benefitted most and likely earned extended post-season minutes as shooting insurance for Ray Allen.About the series: Hard to believe but Miami trailed three times in the playoffs last year: Down 2-1 to the Pacers 3-2 to the Celtics and 1-0 to the Thunder. Sorry not seeing that against the Bucks at all.The pick: Heat in four.No. 2 Knicks (54-28) vs. No. 7 Celtics (41-40)This series will trump all others in terms of sneers glares sneaky elbows chest-pounding jersey-pulling and intensity. That's what the Knicks and Celtics do when they meet. After the whole Honey Nut Cheerios incident Kevin Garnett and Carmelo Anthony settled their differences in the East locker room at the All-Star Game but that doesn't mean they'll help each other off the floor. The temperature will be high because the Knicks have playoff plans that go beyond the first round while the Celtics have far too much stubborn pride to go away easily. The bitter history they share and the energy they bring will almost guarantee an emotional series and maybe a longer one than you think.About Boston: You must admire how the Celtics huddled up after Rajon Rondo was done for the season. Rather than rebuild they decided to refuel and go for it. As a result Garnett and Paul Pierce dialed back the clock and looked downright young on some nights. You know they'll show up for the Knicks especially Pierce who loves to rile up Madison Square Garden. The real question lies with the help. Jeff Green came alive to play his best ball as a Celtic and if he's attacking and active will give Boston a dangerous dimension. Boston's group of guards is less reliable. What will they get from Jason Terry Jordan Crawford Avery Bradley and Courtney Lee? Who knows? The Celtics also need to rebound -- they're next to last in the league -- and play sticky perimeter defense against the many New York three-point shooters to have any chance.About New York: Anthony is the league's leading and most complete scorer equally comfortable at the rim or 25 feet away off the dribble or on the jumper. When he shoots a high percentage the other team's in for a long night. He draws double-teams that create open three-point looks for the Knicks and that's when they're most dangerous. J.R. Smith is Melo's partner in crime and they've got great chemistry for two players who need the ball. When it all works the Knicks are not only fun to watch and tough to beat they have a realistic chance to reach the East finals at the very least. Lots will depend on the condition of Tyson Chandler who hasn't played since April 7 partly due to precautionary reasons. If he's back to being frisky on the glass and is a force on the defensive end New Yorkers will rightly keep thinking big for their basketball team.About the series: The Knicks and Anthony are peaking at the right time while the Celtics finished up rather clumsily and unevenly. But don't be fooled: Pierce and Garnett and coach Doc Rivers shouldn't be underestimated. The Celtics may not win this series but will make Boston proud anyway.The pick: Knicks in six.No. 3 Pacers (49-32) vs. No. 6 Hawks (44-38)Will anyone watch these two play? Once again both teams despite their winning records and playoff appearance are a tough sell at home. The Pacers and Hawks were 25th and 26th respectively out of 30 teams in home attendance and what's really embarrassing is the Bobcats drew more. They don't trigger the imagination beyond the city limits either and so you can expect to see lots of these games on NBA TV. That's too bad because this series could be somewhat entertaining and close. Really Josh Smith is fun to watch when he's taking a few too many three-pointers. And Paul George has come of age. They might need to send limos for the fans but the Pacers and Hawks should do their part to give whoever shows up their money's worth.About Atlanta: When Danny Ferry took over the basketball operations he wanted to clear cap space for this summer and recreate the roster. As an unexpected bonus the Hawks had a winning season and captured the six-seed. Dumping Joe Johnson's gargantuan contract proved to be the right thing then. Hard to see the Hawks winning more games with him. They arrived at this point partly because Al Horford played as good as any big man in basketball over the last month. He averaged 20 points and 11 rebounds after the All-Star break and that included a 34 and 15 night against Utah and 24 and 15 against the Bucks. He and Smith after all these years together still mesh well at center and power forward. The player to watch could be Jeff Teague though. Like Smith Teague is playing for money this summer. It'll take a solid series from all three for the Hawks to have a chance of going further than anyone expected after they traded Johnson and essentially put more emphasis on the future than the present.About Indiana: After starting the season 10-11 the Pacers hit their stride and never looked back. They've stayed pretty consistent; their longest losing streak was three games and longest winning streak was five. Their balanced offense and strong rebounding allowed them to win the division and finish third in the East (Derrick Rose's absence in Chicago helped a tiny bit). George became an All-Star and lessened the impact of losing leading scorer Danny Granger basically for the entire season. Their staying power in the playoffs will depend somewhat on Lance Stephenson Granger's replacement. Last year his only contribution was giving the choke sign to LeBron James and then receiving a cheap shot as payback. But Stephenson has toned down his act and brings his 46 percent shooting to the court. Aside from Granger this is the same team that put a brief scare into Miami last spring in the second round.About the series: This is a tough matchup for the Hawks because Indiana likes to slow the pace while the Hawks prefer to run. The teams split two games apiece during the season and really aren't separated by much from a talent standpoint. Indiana is deeper though and home court could be the difference.The pick: Pacers in six.No. 4 Nets (49-33) vs. No. 5 Bulls (45-37) Related ArticlesNBA Playoffs: West Preview The playoffs in the West should bring out the best in every team only because it'll take their best to get beyond…More»Hello? Anyone home Derrick Rose? Sure at this point if Rose suits up it'll come as a shock given he hasn't felt too strong an urge to play up until this point. But we can fantasize can't we? Suppose he announced right before Game 1 that he was ready. Suddenly Bulls-Nets would become must-watch playoff basketball. Rose would be matched against Deron Williams who has come back in his own way this season and the Bulls would be energized. Without Rose it's just another playoff series nothing more or less. The Bulls managed to take three out of four from the Nets this season anyway and they match up well against Brooklyn. This has the appearance of a closely contested series typical of a 4 vs. 5 seed and in the end a point guard could win it for his team. Which point guard though? That's the million-dollar question.About Chicago: The Bulls have looked uninspired since the All-Star break (15-15 record) with the exception of their streak-busting win over Miami. Injuries to Joakim Noah didn't help and they suffered some bad losses in the last few weeks including twice to Toronto and to the Pistons by 15. The Bulls do play tough and their defense keeps them close but the absence of a certified bail-out expert often dooms them in the end. How many times did the Bulls turn to Nate Robinson with a minute left? No offense to Robinson who delivered in some of those situations but it has come to that -- the Bulls hoping to be saved by a short guy who's often out of control. Ultimately they win with defense and for their sake Noah better be healthy. He suffered from a bum foot the last few weeks but until then played the best ball of his career. He'll get plenty of consideration for Defensive Player of the Year based on how he hustled his way to 11 rebounds two blocks and almost two steals a night. He'll need that energy against Brook Lopez the most offensively-skilled center in the game.About Brooklyn: Sounds crazy now but the Nets spent a fair portion of the season in turmoil. Avery Johnson didn't make it through the holidays. The body of Williams the $100 million franchise player took a hit -- and so did his reputation. And the Nets were in danger of dropping to seventh in the East and being sent back to New Jersey (OK not really). The ship was righted in time though and the Nets who were only eight games above .500 just five weeks ago will open the playoffs with home-court advantage. Williams took time during the All-Star break to heal his mind and body and the results were dramatic. After shooting 40 percent the first three months he became the Deron Williams from Utah and often was the best player on the floor. The high water mark was 42 points against the Wizards and then 33 points and 14 assists against the Pacers. Suddenly the Nets have weapons again. Lopez and Joe Johnson bring offensive punch while the very underrated Reggie Evans is pulling 11 rebounds in only 24 minutes a game.About the series: Tom Thibodeau is a superb coach and one of the best when you give him time to prepare. He came up with the right plan to stop the Miami win streak and by comparison the Nets are an easier task. The Bulls will play enough defense to keep it close but if Rose doesn't play they'll be a player short.The pick: Nets in six.*

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